Red Bull Pirate graphic design advertisement promo by Purple Llama

Red Bull "Be More Pirate" Promo

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ed Bull is one of the most famous brands in the world. Not only the first energy drink selling multiple billions of cans per year, but also a brand which enters many other realms such as Formula 1, football, music (Red Bull Records), gaming, Extreme Sports, Water Sports, Winter Sports, Soapbox Racing and much more. Oh yeah… they dropped a man from space too. So when they were looking for a company to create video advertisements which could showcase all of these amazing things in all of their glory and with some style and flair, they came to Purple Llama.

If Red Bull are good enough for their brand ambassadors such as Neymar Jr, Ninja, Blake Griffin and fellow scouser, Trent Alexander-Arnold, then they’re good enough for Purple Llama. Red Bull are a fantastic company to work on projects for.

When it comes to creating videos to advertise a brand or product, Red Bull are perfect as they have such a vast pool of incredibly high quality and exciting content to pull from making this a very fun project.


Red Bull

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