Shape MIPIM Cannes 2019 Promo Video

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he client company, Shape Consulting Engineers have done a lot to make an impact on the construction industry and won many awards for their efforts whilst securing and completing multi-million pound projects.

This video was created by Purple Llama to promote Shape Consulting Engineers attending and sposoring MIPIM 2019 in Cannes, France and was shared on the various company social media pages and emailed to clients and partners. 

From day one, Purple Llama designed and developed everything from logos to websites, videos, banners and much more. It has been an absolute honour to ride along on this journey with such an amazing company. They carry on smashing every goal whilst building a great company to higher and higher levels.

Purple Llama continues to work on more incredible projects for Shape and each one gets better and better. Stay tuned.

Shape Consulting Engineers

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