SPACE|MODULAR “Sustainability” Video

SPACE|MODULAR "Sustainability" Video

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PACE MODULAR is a company changing the game when it comes to construction. Purple Llama believes the future of construction is modular. It makes a lot more sense to construct within a safe and confined environment rather than the old fashioned way with bricks and mortar with weather delays and constant interruptions. SPACE MODULAR, have state of the art facilities that build block by block and deliver faster, better and safer buildings for living and work environments whilst being a lot more environmentally friendly. They do it at a high-grade quality too. Their constructions are 100% fire resistant and 50% faster to develop. To find out more about the future of construction, just watch the video or visit

Purple Llama has been there from day one when it comes to SPACE MODULAR. From Logo design, to web design, to brochures, to videos, to pretty much everything. Save this SPACE.


Adobe After Effects
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Branding and Marketing
Conceptual Design
Video Editing
3D Animation

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