Why Purple Llama?

From the young age of about fourteen, people would ask me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. I would reply every time with, “I’ll run my own creative company called Purple Llama”. Here I am today. I haven’t grown up all that much, but I made my dream come true.

These days, people ask me, “Why call it Purple Llama?”. The answer is pretty simple. Llamas are quite hard to come by. You don’t see them around much, and you never see a purple one. That would be quite amazing. That’s pretty much how we look at things here. We feel the whole “We think outside the box” thing is a bit of a cliché. We go further than that. We’re Purple Llama.

Kenny Ferguson – Founder

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£25,000 Raised for Charity

We’re very proud to have raised £25,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support in honour of the late, great Jimmy Ambrose. We worked tirelessly to create an Interactive Smartphone Quiz and Catchphrase game hosted by Roy Walker himself. We designed and developed everything including:

The interactive smartphone quiz which allowed attendees to answer on-screen questions with their smartphones

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Did you know?

We use the same software used in the latest Star Wars movies. Those light sabres and Millennium Falcons are created with the same tools that we use. We only use the best tools for the job, whatever the job may be. Be a Luke… not a Jar Jar.

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