LAMPHAT Poster Project information T his poster was designed by Purple Llama for LAMPHAT.  Digital design software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop were used to create imagery and high-quality graphics featured.  If you require Purple Llama’s digital design and marketing services such as video FX, video editing, animation, 3D modelling and rendering/CGI, graphic design, logo design, concept design, …

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Charity Darts Night Sponsors Video

Charity Darts Night Sponsors Video Project information T his video was created by Purple Llama for the sponsors of a charity darts night in The Titanic Hotel in Liverpool which raised £22,857 for 12 Million Minds which is a charity that supports those struggling with their mental health. Purple Llama created many bespoke videos and graphics for the event featuring …

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Rock Exchange poster graphic design by Purple Llama

Rock Exchange

Rock Exchange Project information R ock Exchange was just an idea at first. Just a “What if?”. There was a time when there were not many rock nights at all in Liverpool. It got a bit stale. People didn’t want to just go to the same old places and do the same old things so we decided to make a …

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RightFlank Logo

Project information R iteFlank embodies everything that it means to be an ex army veteran. They look after their own and they promote strong and passionate people. Purple Llama is very proud to have been there from day one for such an inspiring company. We love Rite Flank and we hope you do too. The best way to approach this …

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Space Modular MIPIM 2020 prmotional graphic design by Purple Llama

Space Modular MIPIM Promo Graphic

Space Modular MIPIM Promo Graphic Project information S pace Modular is a company changing the game when it comes to construction. Purple Llama believes the future of construction is modular. It makes a lot more sense to construct within a safe and confined environment rather than the old fashioned way with bricks and mortar with weather delays and constant interruptions. …

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Red Bull Pirate graphic design advertisement promo by Purple Llama

Red Bull “Be More Pirate” Promo

Red Bull “Be More Pirate” Promo Project information R ed Bull is one of the most famous brands in the world. Not only the first energy drink selling multiple billions of cans per year, but also a brand which enters many other realms such as Formula 1, football, music (Red Bull Records), gaming, Extreme Sports, Water Sports, Winter Sports, Soapbox …

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Charity Quiz and Catchphrase Event

Charity Quiz and Catchphrase Night Project information B ig Jimmy’s Charity Quiz Night was a fantastic charity ball held at the high profile Shankley Hotel in the heart of Liverpool’s City Centre. The event was in honour of Jimmy Ambrose in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. The event was requested by Jimmy’s son, Ian Ambrose (Shape Engineering, Shape Land and …

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